Training for retailers

We offer training courses for our products.
We will be happy to coordinate a time and place with you individually.

Properties and processing of wooden decking – special features of decking boards made from Surinam wood

  • Wood types and properties
  • Special issues during processing  
  • Utilisation of competitive advantages
  • Explanation of the unique selling points

Our training courses are interactive, and the information is augmented with pictures, videos and interesting stories.

Contact person:

Fabian Kleophas+49 2161 995 5 17

Berg&Berg Ready-made parquet – Product range/Installation/Advantages

  • Quality and ecology
  • Made in Sweden
  • Product Portfolio
  • Installation and care

Contact person:

Stephan von Schreitter+49 2161 995 516

Dennebo’s customised oak planks – Product range training

Main training topics:

  • Product ranges and products
  • Marketing & point of sale solutions
  • Technology and care
  • Effective utilisation of the product range to create competitive advantages

Our training courses are interactive and include questions and suggestions from you.

Contact person:

Niklas Bader+49 2161 995 539

Lars Fleischer+49 1778651938

Faxe – product range and processing – practical training for solving care problems

Workshop topics:

  • Basic knowledge: Initial treatment, care and maintenance of oiled factory surfaces
  • Advanced: Oiling untreated wood, stain treatment training
  • Experts: Leaching, colouring, restoring
  • Garden: Decking care and sales tips

Workshop means active work on sample surfaces.

Contact person:

Thomas von Schreitter+49 2161 99 55 21

Luis Batista+49 2161 99 55 25

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